Madinah University Admission 2023 and Scholarship

By | November 8, 2023

Applications are open for Madinah University admission 2023 for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs with Scholarship at the Islamic University of Madinah for the academic year 2023/2024 (1445-1446 AH).

The Islamic University of Madinah Scholarship 2023 in Saudi Arabia is a Fully Funded Scholarship with admission for International Students to Study for a Bachelors Degree Program.

There are no offices or agents for the university anywhere in the world to receive applications to attend university, and the university does not impose any financial fee on students applying for study. International students can apply for Madinah University Admission 2023 for study at the University in the city of Medina.

Available Study Programs at Islamic University of Madinah

1. Bachelor of Science, BSC

  • Islamic Law
  • Judicial systems and studies
  • Engineering
  • Arabic language
  • Hadith and Islamic Studies
  • computer and information systems
  • The Holy Quran and Islamic Studies
  • Sciences
  • Dawah and Fundamentals of Religion
  • Preparatory year for scientific faculties

2. Higher Diploma

  • Arabic language
  • Dawah and Fundamentals of Religion

3. Masters

  • Islamic Law
  • Judicial systems and studies
  • Arabic language institute
  • Arabic language
  • Hadith and Islamic Studies
  • The Holy Quran and Islamic Studies
  • Dawah and Fundamentals of Religion

4. PHD

  • Islamic Law
  • Judicial systems and studies
  • Arabic language institute
  • Arabic language
  • Hadith and Islamic Studies
  • The Holy Quran and Islamic Studies
  • Dawah and Fundamentals of Religion

5. Diploma

  • Dawah and Fundamentals of Religion
  • Language Preparation Diploma

Requirements for Applications Madinah University Admission 2023 and Scholarship 

The following are the documents required for madinah university online admission. Please read it accurately and abide by the required documents.

Required documents are:

  • Certificate of secondary school education
  • Grading for secondary school
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Your certificate of birth
  • International passport
  • Personal National ID
  • Clear, modern, colored passport sized photograph (4×6)
  • The passport image must be without glasses, no headdress and with a white background
  • A certified recent medical report by a qualified medical doctor from a government medical center on the safety of sensory and other organs and the absence of any communicable (infectious) diseases (infectious)
  • Covering letter for the student from an Islamic institution in the student residence Country, or from two Islamic personalities and must include a statement of the student’s character and status and that he is one who adheres to Islamic ethics and keeps to the performance of his duties
  • New converts will require a certificate of entry into the religion of Islam
  • Each non-Arabic document must be accompanied by an Arabic translation which is certified by a recognized translation office.
  • Upon acceptance into the University, students documents must be certified by the Saudi Embassy, and where Saudi embassy is not present in the country of the student, any reliable body will authenticate the documents at the university
  • Should there be any errors in the basic data in your original documents (such as date of birth, your name or place of birth), the errors must be resolved with the relevant authorities in your country before submitting your application.

Ensure to submit scanned copies of your documents along with the application.

Conditions Required for Madinah University 2023 Scholarship Application

  • It is required for the student to be a good practicing Muslim
  • Pledge to abide by the university rules and regulations
  • Medically fitness
  • All interview or personal tests conducted by the relevant authority should be passed
  • Must possess a secondary certificate or equivalent from within Saudi Arabia or any other country
  • A public school secondary certificate or that issued by an equivalent school at the university
  • Full-time study student
  • Must have spent not more than 5 years he since obtained a high school certificate
  • The student must be at most 25 years of age at the beginning of the study
  • Applicant must be a teacher of the Holy Quran
  • Abide by the University Council’s conditions and the time for submission as determined and announced by the Council
  • Secondary certificates from within Saudi Arabia must be accompanied by a general capacity test certificate.


  • There are no offices or agents for the university anywhere in the world to receive applications to attend the university.
  • The student must complete the application by himself, and be responsible for keeping safe the application number given to him upon submission of the application.
  • The Islamic University is a scientific and cultural institution that aims to inform the message of Islam through advocacy, university education, postgraduate studies, preparing scientific research, translating and publishing it, and taking care of the Islamic heritage.
  • Studying at the Islamic University in Arabic in the course of theoretical colleges and English in the scientific track.
  • Application to join the university does not mean any commitment by the university to accept the student unless he feels in writing accepted.
  • The information recorded in the application shall not be relied upon unless accompanied by the supporting documents
  • The applicant who has forged documents is subject to the penalty and his acceptance is canceled.
  • The university shall determine the student’s accepted faculty after his arrival according to the university regulations.
  • The accepted student gets the ticket number from the university’s website, then reviews the carrier lines.
  • The accepted student at the University shall be responsible for the knowledge and follow-up of the study system and the regulations governing it.
  • All pledges, declarations, and e-alerts contained in the student’s electronic file are binding on the student as their paper counterparts and the responsibility is on the student to review them frequently by using the student’s user name and password. The student is also responsible for keeping records of all electronic transactions carried out in the cause of his applications.
  • All pledges, declarations, and conditions which the student will be aware of and comply within this application will be included in his file in Arabic.

The Pledge:

The Islamic University of Madinah has a pledge which is binding on every students and is translated as follows:

I promise that all the information they have provided in this application is correct and that my identity papers and certificates are sound of misrepresentation or forgery. I also undertake, in my admission to the university, to abide by the rules and regulations of the university, including not to be allowed to stay in the Kingdom upon graduation or dropping out of school. Transfer sponsorship to non-university and commit to travel to my country. In case of violation, the University has the right to take the action it deems fit.

How to Apply For Admission

To apply for admission into Islamic University of Madinah candidates should: Click Here to Apply Online

or visit

How to Apply For Islamic University of Madinah Scholarship

The Islamic University of Madinah offers International/External scholarships to its students from other countries. Applicant will have to gain admission first through the admission portal for international students ( before you can apply for Madinah University Scholarship. To apply for scholarship Click Here or visit:

Application Start/Closing Dates for Madinah University Admission and Scholarship 

Postgraduate Admission Season Begins 05th November 2023 and ends on 4th December 2023.

Undergraduate Admission Season for international students for the academic year 1445 AH started on 09/09/2023.

Update: Admission and Scholarship at the Islamic University of Madinah is now open for application for the 2023/2024 Academic year. Click Here for details.

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