Significance of Handwriting in Students Educational Development

By | February 3, 2024

Governments at all levels have been charged to reintroduce Handwriting teaching and enhance compliance through strict supervision in schools across the Nation.

Dean School of Education, Federal College of Education Panchin in Plateau State, Dr. Solomon Muanvat stated this while delivering the 39th Inaugural lecture of the Institution held at the College.

Dr. Muanvat spoke on the topic Language by hand and Brain Reciprocity; the gap in the National Certificate of Education Teacher Program, the Future and the Past.

Dr. Solomon Muanvat emphasized the connection between handwriting and students cognitive development noting that Language by hand should be a priority in schools especially at the developmental stage.

“The basic thing with hand writing is that it develops children cognitive ability, when hand writing is not developed early it affects children in different ways; some may have dyslexia, some may have some parts of the brain not developing, in such a situation it leads to Cynestaxia.”

He said the teachers education program should address this gap to enable the teacher that will help implement a well-articulated literacy education program in the Country’s Teachers Training Institutions.

Dr. Muanvat who is also the Chairman Committee of Deans of the Institution said handwriting is relevant in the education system as 10-30 percent of children have difficulties mastering writing skills.

He said a well-developed handwriting sets the unshakeable foundation for the lifelong learning and development of a child noting that the country cannot afford to toy with this fundamental fact.

Therefore, stakeholders in the teacher education curriculum development as well as Government must mount a teacher education program that will produce handwriting specialists and by extension literacy educators that will produce quality teachers.

According to him there is a major gap in the NCE teacher training program that requires concerted efforts to ensure that no child is left behind in the pursuit of life long education noting some of the Disadvantages of Bad handwriting as listed below:

Disadvantages of Bad Handwriting

  1. Bad handwriting makes work difficult for Teachers
  2. Bad Handwriting leads to Teachers’ inability to comprehend students’ write-up
  3. Students with bad hand writing may carelessly loss marks in exams.

As a Teacher/Instructor/Lecturer have you ever been faced with the problem of students’ bad handwriting? What was your experience? Join the conversation here or use the comment box below.

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