Surveyors Council of Nigeria Encourages Survey Graduates to Pass the Mandatory Qualifying Examination to Practice in Nigeria

By | October 27, 2023

The Surveyors Council of Nigeria has reiterated its determination to produce competent surveyors who will provide quality services and compete with its counterparts globally through its qualifying examination for every survey graduates in Nigeria. The Registrar of the Council, Mr. Muhammad Kabir gave the assurance in Abuja during an induction qualifying examination for about 800 survey graduates.

Mr. Kabir said the examination was a practical way of assessing those who are qualified to be inducted as professional surveyors and given the license to practice in accordance with the provisions of the law in other to check quackery.

The registrar compered the surveyors qualifying examination to that of medical examination where you must pass to be called a doctor.

“If you don’t pass the examination this year there is opportunity for you to come and write in subsequent years, we want all of them to be surveyors as long as they pass, because the law says that after you have finished from university you must pass the qualifying exams that has been prescribed by the enabling act.”

The president of the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors Mr. Kayode Oluwamotemi said Nigeria’s effort to become a productive country made it imperative for the survey sector to thrive in the service delivery to facilitate the Nation’s economic recovery plan.

Mr. Oluwamotemi said the Council will sustain the qualifying examination to ensure that only the best surveyors are produced and allowed to practice in the country. The Council has been conducting the qualifying exams every year since 1989 following the enactment of the enabling act.

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