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By | January 15, 2024

As the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exams (UTME) registration draws nearer, one institution you can easily apply for admission at any time of the year and be assured of admission is Baze University in Abuja.

Application for Admissions into Baze University, Abuja, for Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and Pre Degree Programs are open all year round.

Interested Applicants can purchase the Application forms at the University’s Admissions Office or go online to fill the Online Application Form and the Baze University Admission Portal.

Baze University Admissions

Baze University is currently offering admissions for the following Categories

  1. Pre Degree Admission
  2. Undergraduate Admission
  3. Postgraduate Admission

Types of Admission

Baze University has different modes of admitting students. Candidates can be admitted into the degree programs of the University in any of the following three ways:

  • Direct Entry
  • Inter-University Transfer

Admission Requirements by Type of Admission

For a candidate to gain admission into Baze University for a degree programme, he/she must have a good score in JAMB UTME as well as a minimum of five credits (O’ Level) in relevant subjects including English and Mathematics in Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) or its equivalent at not more than two sittings.

B. Direct Entry Admission (DE)
The Direct Entry Admission covers candidates who have A level passes (graded A-E) at the Advanced Level in one or more relevant subjects of the intended programme. Direct Entry provides students with admission to 200-level of a degree programme. In addition to the A Level passes, candidate must possess at least five credits O’ Level passes in relevant subjects including English Language and Mathematics at not more than two sittings.

C. Inter-University Transfer
Inter University Transfer is an admission arrangement where by a student from another university or equivalent overseas institution may wish to transfer to Baze University under for a many reasons.

Baze University Guidelines for Inter University Transfer Admission

    • Applications for admission by transfer shall be addressed to the Chairman, Senate Committee on Admission and submitted to the Admissions Office for presentation to Senate Committee on Admission for consideration.
    • Application forms for transfer into Baze University shall be obtained from Admission Department and Students affairs without payment of fees.
    • Transfer candidates shall possess the minimum Baze University and Departmental entry requirements prior to entry into the university from where they are seeking a transfer.
    • The candidate must not be out of school for more than one session.
    • Transfer students shall make a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 on a 4.00-point scale to quality for consideration.
    • Transfer students must not be admitted beyond 200 level of a 4 year programme and 300 level for a 5 year programme.
    • Transfer students can only apply to programmes related (or same) as the one they are studying in their former university or start afresh in a new programme.
    • Transfer students must have good moral record in their former university and must not have any record of involvement in cultism or some other campus vices.
    • Application should be accompanied by certified student’s transcript which will subject to verification by the Senate Committee on Admission.
    • All applications for Inter–University Transfer into any academic session should be received on or before the commencement of a new semester.
    • All recommendations for admission by transfer from Faculty shall be submitted to the Admissions Office for collation and presentation to Senate Committee for consideration.
    • If any irregularity is discovered in the papers presented by the student(s), such student(s) shall be withdrawn from the university.

Baze University Courses for Undergraduate Admission

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

  1. Insurance and Actuarial Science, B.Sc
  2. Mass Communication, B.Sc
  3. Banking and Finance, B.Sc
  4. Goverment and Public Administration, B.Sc
  5. Sociology and Anthropology, B.Sc
  6. Economics, B.Sc
  7. International Relations and Diplomacy, B.Sc.
  8. Accounting, B.Sc
  9. Marketing, B.Sc
  10. Psychology, B.Sc
  11. Business Management, B.Sc

Faculty of Law

  1. Advanced Legal Theory & Jurisprudence
  2. Commercial Arbitration
  3. Corporate Law, Securities and Financial Management
  4. Energy and Environmental Laws
  5. International trade and Law of Commercial transactions
  6. International human Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law.
  7. Long Essay

Faculty of Computing & Applied Sciences

  1. Physics with Computing, B.Sc.
  2. Microbiology, B.Sc.
  3. Communication Technology, B.Sc.
  4. Petroleum Chemistry, B.Sc.
  5. Computer Science, B.Sc
  6. Biotechnology, B.Sc.
  7. Software Engineering, B.Sc
  8. Biological Sciences, B.Sc.
  9. Information Technology, B.Sc.
  10. Computing for Business, B.Sc.
  11. Financial Mathematics, B.Sc.
  12. Information Systems Management, B.Sc.

Faculty of Engineering

  1. Electrical/Electronics, B.Eng
  2. Petroleum and Gas Engineering, B.Eng
  3. Telecommunication Engineering, B.Eng
  4. Civil Engineering, B.Eng
  5. Computer Engineering, B.Eng
  6. Mechanical Engineering, B.Eng

Faculty of Environmental Sciences

  1. Quantity Surveying, B.Sc.
  2. Estate Management , B.Sc.
  3. Building, B.Sc. Building
  4. Architecture, B.Sc.
  5. Surveying and Geo-informatics , B.Sc.
  6. Urban and Regional Planning , B.Sc.

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

  1. Human Anatomy B.Med Sci (Hons) Anatomy
  2. Human Physiology B.Med Sci (Hons) Physiology
  3. Medicine & Surgery M.B.B.S
    i. Medical Laboratory Sciences Med. Lab Sci. (Hons) Haematology
    ii. Medical Laboratory Sciences Med. Lab Sci. (Hons) Histology
    iii. Medical Laboratory Sciences Med. Lab Sci. (Hons) Histopathology
    iv. Medical Laboratory Sciences Med. Lab Sci. (Hons) Microbiology
  4. Public Health B.Sci (Hons) Public Health
  5. Radiography and Radiation Sciences B.Rad Sci

The University has also established its Teaching Hospital as it recently conducted recruitment exercise for the Baze University Teaching Hospital.

Baze University Post Graduate School Admission

The Baze University postgraduate programmes are aimed at providing students with the ability to apply fundamental ideas in their various disciplines to solve new problems as they arise. The post graduate students will be prepared for high-level manpower requirements in Nigeria’s private and public sectors of the economy.

Post Graduate Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission into Baze University postgraduate programmes must be graduates from recognized tertiary institutions with the requirements stipulated for the intended programmes of study. However the general admission requirements are as follows:

  1. Candidate must possess “O” level Certificate with at least five credit passes in relevant subjects as determined by the Department of study.
  2. Candidates for Masters’ Degree shall in addition to (i) above possess a first degree with second class lower division or a first degree with a postgraduate diploma or HND with postgraduate diploma (with minimum 3.5 CGPA on a 5-point scale).

Note: All applications must be accompanied by academic transcripts and favourable referees’ reports.

Postgraduate Program Duration

The Baze University postgraduate programmes have the following durations:-

  • The full-time Masters’ degree programme has a minimum of one academic session and a maximum of two academic sessions.
  • A part-time Masters’ degree programme has a minimum of two academic sessions and a maximum of four academic sessions.

In exceptional circumstances, the Senate may grant an extension of time to a candidate on the recommendation of the Board, School of Postgraduate Studies. Such extension shall not exceed 12 months for a Masters’ programme.

Baze University allows for students to combine their course work with research work.

Post Graduate Courses

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Business Management (MSc)
  3. Masters of Computer Science (MSc)
  4. Masters of Public Administration (MPA)
  5. Masters of Laws
  6. Masters of Accounting (MSc)
  7. M.Sc Animal And Environmental Science
  8. M.Sc Chemistry
  9. M.Sc Parasitology
  10. M.Sc Public Administration
  11. M.Sc Sociology
  12. M.Sc Management
  13. M.Sc Economics
  14. Masters of Law
  15. M.Sc International Relations And Diplomacy
  16. M.Sc Mass Communication

Pre Degree Admission

Baze University offers admission for foundation pre degree programmes, General Studies (GST) programmes and Interdisciplinary Programmes. Admission requirement for these Foundation programmes is a minimum of secondary school education or attempted WAEC.

List of Base University Interdisciplinary Programmes

  1. Certificate in Financial Crime and Counter-Terrorism Studies
  2. Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development and Management
  3. Certificate in International Public Sector Standards (IPSAS)
  4. Data Analysis with Statistical Package for Social Sciences
  5. Certificate in Diplomacy and Security Studies
  6. Certificate in Conflict Management and Resolution
  7. Certificate in Personality Assessment and Development
  8. Certificate in Self Evaluation and Management
  9. Certificate in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation
  10. Certificate in Learning Process and Cognitive Development
  11. Certificate in Screen Writing for Digital Age
  12. Certificate in Fundamentals of Public Affairs Communication
  13. Certificate in Mobile Journalism
  14. Certificate in Fundamentals of Strategic Communication
  15. Certificate in Communication in English (ESL), French, Arabic and Mandarin
  16. Certificate in Creative Writing
  17. Certificate in Cyber Security Social Media and Law

Baze University List of Courses offered in General Studies (GST) Programme

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Use of English
  3. Basic Mathematics
  4. History of Ideas Science and Society
  5. Peace and Conflict Studies
  6. Introduction to Philosophy and Human Existence
  7. Communication in French, Arabic and Mandarin
  8. Computing for Academic Skills
  9. Advanced Communications Skills
  10. Nigerian Peoples and Culture
  11. Use of Library Skills
  12. Contemporary Health Issues
  13. Environment and Sustainable Development

Baze University List of Subjects offered in Foundation Programme

  1. Literature in English
  2. Islamic Studies
  3. Use of English
  4. Economics
  5. Mathematics
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. Biology
  9. Government
  10. History
  11. Christian Religious Studies
  12. Geography

How to  Apply for Baze University Admissions 

Interested Applicants can purchase the Baze University Application forms at the University’s Admissions Office or go online to fill the online Application Form at the Baze University Application Portal:

Baze University Admissions Application Deadline 

Baze University does not have deadlines for application for admission. Interested candidates can apply at any time but before you start your application, you need to ensure that your application supporting documents are all ready.

You can also submit multiple applications to different courses but be careful to accept only one offer of admission.

For further enquiry visit the Baze University Admission Portal at or Application Guide for 2022-2023 Entry

Or contact Baze University on:
+234-813-376-9658 ext 55

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