Federal Unity Colleges Website Portals

By | December 19, 2023

In this post is the full list of Federal Unity Colleges in Nigeria also know as Unity Schools in Nigeria and their Website portals for easy access of information about the schools before your apply for Common Entrance Examination or Admission into Federal Unity Colleges.

The idea of Federal Unity Colleges in Nigeria was conceived out of the desire to bring together young boys and girls from diverse cultural, tribal and linguistic background from different parts of Nigeria to learn under the same environment with a view to fostering national unity among them at the impressionable stage of their lives.

There establishment is in keeping in line with the Federal Government policy of having at least two Federal Government Colleges otherwise known as Unity Colleges in each State of the Federation including Abuja to serve as Model Schools for others in their pursuits of academic moral and social excellence.

Federal Unity Colleges Website Portals

Bellow is the full list of the 103 Federal Unity Colleges in Nigeria also know as Unity Schools in Nigeria and their Website portals for easy access of information about the schools.

  1. FSTC YABA Portal: https://fstcyaba.com
  2. FGC VANDEIKYA Portal: https://fgcvandeikya.com
  3. FGGC OYO Portal: https://fggcoyo.com
  4. QUEENS COLLEGE, QC LAGOS Portal: https://queenscollegelagos.com
  5. KINGS COLLEGE, KC LAGOS Portal: https://kingscollegelagos.com
  6. FSTC USIEKITI Portal: https://fstcusiekiti.com
  7. FGGC IBUSA Portal: https://fggcibusa.com.ng
  8. FSTC ILESA Portal: https://fstcilesa.com
  9. FGGC IMIRINGI Portal: https://fggcimiringi.com
  10. FGC OGBOMOOSO Portal: https://fgcogbomoso.com
  11. FGC IKIRUN Portal: https://fgcikirun.com
  12. FGC IBILLO Portal: https://fgcibillo.com
  13. FGC WARRI Portal: https://fgcwarri.com.ng
  14. FGGC EFONAALAAYE Portal: https://fggcefonalaaye.com
  15. FGC OTOBI Portal: https://fgcotobi.com
  16. FSC OGOJA Portal: https://fscogoja.com
  17. FGC ODOGBOLU Portal: https://fgcodogbolu.com.ng
  18. FGGC AKURE Portal: https://fggcakure.com
  19. FGC IKOTEKPENE Portal: https://fgcikotekpene.com
  20. FGC IKOLE EKITI Portal: https://fgcikoleekiti.com
  21. FGC LAGOS Portal: https://fgclagos.org.ng
  22. FGBC ABUJA Portal: https://fgbcabuja.com
  23. FSTC IJEBUIMUSIN Portal: https://fstcijebuimusin.com
  24. FGC PORTHARCOURT Portal: https://fgcportharcourt.com
  25. FSTC AHOADA Portal: https://fstcahoada.com
  26. FGGC IPETUMODU Portal: https://fggcipetumodu.com
  27. FGGC BIDA Portal: https://fggcbida.com
  28. FSTC OROZO Portal: https://fstcorozo.com
  29. FGGC NEW BUSSA Portal: https://fggcnewbussa.com
  30. FGC MINNA Portal: https://fgcminna.com
  31. FGC IDOANI Portal: https://fgcidoani.com
  32. FGC RUBOCHI Portal: https://fgcrubochi.com.ng
  33. FSTC OTUKPO Portal: https://fstcotukpo.com.ng
  34. FGGC GBOKO Portal: https://fggcgboko.com
  35. FGGC LANGTANG Portal: https://fggclangtang.com
  36. FGGC KAZAURE Portal: https://fggckazaure.com
  37. FGC AZARE Portal: https://fgcazare.net
  38. FSTC Kafanchan Portal: https://fstckafanchan.com.ng
  39. FGGC TAMBUWAL Portal: https://fggctambuwal.com.ng
  40. FGC KEFFI Portal: https://fgckeffi.org
  41. FGGC ZARIA Portal: https://fggczaria.com
  42. FSTC TUNGO Portal: http://fggctungbo.com
  43. FGC NISE Portal: https://fgcniseonline.com
  44. FGC ODI Portal: https://www.fgcodi.com
  45. FGC OHAFIA Portal: https://fgcohafia.com
  46. FGC OKIGWE Portal: https://fgcokigwe.com
  47. FGC OKPOSI Portal: https://fgcokposi.com
  48. FGGC ABULOMA Portal: https://fggcabuloma.net
  49. FGGC BAKORI Portal: http://fggcbakori.com.ng
  50. FGGC BENIN Portal: https://fggcbenin.com
  51. FGGC EZZAMGBO Portal: https://fggcezzamgbo.com
  52. FGGC GWANDU Portal: https://fggcgwandu.com
  53. FGGC IKOT OBIO ITONG Portal: https://fggcikotobioitong.com
  54. FGGC LEJJA Portal: https://fggclejja.com
  55. FGGC ONITSHA Portal: https://fggconitshang.com
  56. FGGC OWERRI Portal: https://fggcowerridetails.com
  57. FGGC SAGAMU Portal: http://www.fggcsagamu.org.ng
  58. FSTC AWKA Portal: https://fstcawka.com
  59. FSTC DAYI Portal: https://fstcdayi.com
  60. FSTC DOMA Portal: https://fstcdoma.com
  61. FSTC IKARE Portal: https://fstcikare.com
  62. FSTC OHANSO Portal: https://fstcohanso.com
  63. FSTC UYO Portal: https://fstcuyo.com
  64. FGC BIRNIN Portal: http://fgcbirninyauri.com
  65. FGGC Bwari Portal: https://fggcbwari.sch.ng
  66. FGGC Bauchi Portal: https://fggcbauchi.safsms.cloud
  67. FGGC Umuahia Portal: https://fggcumuahia.sch.ng
  68. FGC Maiduguri Portal: https://fgcmaiduguri.safsms.cloud
  69. FGC Potiskum Portal: https://fggcpotiskum.safsms.cloud
  70. FGC Keana Portal: https://fggckeana.safsms.cloud
  71. FGC Kiyawa Portal: https://fgckiyawa.safsms.cloud
  72. FGC Kano Portal: https://fgckano.safsms.cloud
  73. FGC Jos Portal: https://fgcjos.safsms.cloud
  74. FGC Wukari Portal: https://fgcwukari.safsms.cloud
  75. FGGC Abaji Portal: https://fggcabaji.com.ng
  76. FGC Ganye Portal: https://fgcganye.safsms.cloud
  77. FGC Daura Portal: https://fgcdaura.safsms.cloud
  78. FGGC Bajoga Portal: https://fggcbajoga.safsms.cloud
  79. FGC Keffi Portal: https://fgckeffi.safsms.cloud
  80. FGC Bunu Yadi Portal: https://fgcbunuyadi.safsms.cloud
  81. FGGC Zaria Portal: https://fggczaria.safsms.cloud
  82. FGC Billiri Portal: https://fgcbilliri.safsms.cloud
  83. FGC Gusau Portal: https://fggcbwari.sch.ng
  84. FGC Sokoto Portal: https://fgcsokoto.safsms.cloud
  85. FSC Sokoto Portal: https://fscsokoto.safsms.cloud
  86. FGGC Minjibir Portal: https://fggcminjibir.safsms.cloud
  87. FSTC Kuta Shiroro Portal: https://fstckutashiroro.safsms.cloud
  88. FSTC Anka Portal: https://fgcanka.safsms.cloud
  89. FSTC Michika Portal: https://fstcmichika.safsms.cloud
  90. FGC Monguno Portal: https://fgcmonguno.safsms.cloud
  91. FSTC Uromi Portal: https://www.fstcuromi.net/
  92. FGC IKOM Portal: https://fgcikom.com/
  93. FGGC CALABAR Portal: https://fggccalabar.com.ng/
  94. FGC UGWULAWO Portal: https://fgcugwolawo.com/
  95. FGGC OMUARAN Portal: https://fggcomuaran.com.ng/
  96. FGC ILORIN Portal: http://fgcilorin.com.ng/
  97. FGC ENUGU Portal: https://www.fgcenugu.sch.ng/
  98. FSTC JALINGO Portal: http://fstcjalingo.com/
  99. FGGC JALINGO Portal: http://fggcjalingo.com/
  100. FGGC YOLA Portal: http://fggcyola.net/
  101. STC ZURU Portal: https://fstczuru.com.ng/
  102. FGGC KABBA Portal: http://fggckabba.org/
  103. FGC KWALI Portal: http://fgckwali.com.ng/

Note: Please note that the Federal Unity Colleges in Nigeria Website portal URLs indicated above are as provided by the Unity Schools and SchoolSenate.com do not guarantee their functionality nor the relevance of the information that may be found on these links.

Please, do let us know if there is any changes or a more correct website portal link for any of the schools above other than the one stated here, using the comment box bellow and we will be glad to update it immediate.

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