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Al-Qasimia University, Sharjah, UAE 2023/2024 Admission and Scholarship Opportunities

Al-Qasimia University, Sharjah, United Arab Emirate (UAE) has admission and scholarship opportunities currently open for international students to apply. Al-Qasimia University provides fully-funded scholarships that cover free tickets, accommodation and monthly upkeep for students who are not resident in the United Arab Emirates.


University’s Profile

Al-Qasimia University, Sharjah, is an educational institution established by the Emir of Sharjah, His Royal Highness, Sheikh Dr. Sultan Mohammed Bin Alqasimia. The University has students from over 80 countries and its aim is to help the less privileged people of the entire world.

Available Courses

Al Qasimia University has four years study period for its students and an Intensive Arabic Program. Students are required to finish 129-135 credit hours during the four year period so as to gain a Bachelor degree in any of the following fields:


  1. College of the Glorious Quran
  2. Sharia and Islamic Studies College
  3. Arts and Humanities College
  4. College of Communications
  5. Economic and Management College


  1. Bachelor of Science of Holy Quran
  2. Bachelor of  Sharia Islamic Studies
  3. Bachelor of  Arabic Language & Literature
  4. Bachelor of  Islamic History and Civilization
  5. Bachelor of Mass Communication
  6. Bachelor of  Economics

Admission Requirement

In addition to the ability to speak and understand of Arabic language as a requirement for most of the courses, the university has various conditions and requirements for admission. These admission requirements can be obtained here.

Details of Al-Qasimia University Scholarship Program 2019/2020

Al-Qasimia University has Scholarships only for students who are non-resident in UAE. They will receive a monthly reward as determined by the University and the laws. Summer monthly rewards are given only to students who decides to stay in the university hostel during the summer courses

It is, however, mandatory for students who do not go on vacation to their home countries to register for summer courses. While students on scholarship are granted one round ticket provided their GPA & TGPA is not less than 2.00 points (70%) all through their study period.

Visa & Emirates ID issuance and procedures will be handled by the University. However, if the student fails to attend on the first date of advising for the semester, the student visa will be canceled.

Scholarship students will enjoy medical insurance from the university and separate dormitories are available for male and female students.

Terms and Conditions For Al-Qasimia University Scholarship Program 2019/2020

  • It is a must for students to register in courses in every semester with no withdrawal nor discontinuation. Students are therefore not allowed to withdraw from the University and leave the country without the university’s prior permission.
    To keep the scholarship, student GPA & TGPA in each term is required to be at least 2.00 (70%). The scholarship will be canceled if a scholarship student’s GPA Or TGPA for a term is less than 2.00 (70%) (excluding the summer course).
  • Scholarship students are not allowed to work during their study period at the university, so that they can be completely free for studies.
  • One academic year is the maximum allowable period for scholarship students who join the intensive Arabic program to pass the program after which they can join any of the available majors according to the admission terms and the availability of seats in each major. However, university regulations and rules apply if they fail to pass.
  • Students are required to be committed in following the University’s ethical & behavioral regulation and laws on the campus.
  • Certificate and transcripts will be granted to the students upon the completion of their program.

Application Requirments

  1. Last three years of high school original transcripts.
  2. Student’s country Ministry of Education Original letter confirming that the student’s school or institution is officially recognized and accredited and its graduates can be admitted in any governmental university in the student’s country.
  3. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country must attest to all the certificates issued as well as the UAE embassy in the country concerned. However, the Arab embassies operating in this country can attest to the certificates in case there was no embassy for the UAE in the country.
  4. Certificates in Non-Arabic or English Language must be translated into Arabic or English languages and the translated copy must be enclosed/attached to its original and stamped together.
  5. Those applying for the College of Economics & Management are required to include TOEFL Certificate (IBT61, CBT173 or PBT500 ) or IELTS certificate (5.0).
  6. A six months valid passport copy with recent photograph (white background)
  7. An Arabic or English translated letter of good behavior that is attested to.
  8. Translated and attested Birth certificate in Arabic or English language.
  9. Certificate of health issued by a public hospital (stating that the applicant is free from any dangerous diseases).

How to Apply

The method of application for the Al-Qasimia University, 2019/2020 Admission and Scholarship is done online. Students can visit the University’s home page here, or click here to apply directly.

Application is free and Al-Qasimia University do not deal with agents for admision.

Only one application is allowed per student. So, please make sure to fill all the information correctly and accurately because students will not be able to make any change or apply again after submission. Applications with incorrect information or applications with duplicate entries will be ignored.

Please if you have an interested student or younger brother or sister who is below the age of 20 and graduated from secondary school less than three years ago, tell him/her to apply.



  1. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah. I have all the required documents and are all attested by the ministry of education of my country as well as the foreign affairs, UAE embassy but I'm 25 and i graduated 2014

  2. assalam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,i applied last session of accademic and filled in all requrements but yet not responded .for how long does it takes to be admitted at the institution?

  3. Since 25 October I was apply in Al quasemia University for graduation but I don't understand why they don't result out??

    Please help me?😭


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