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GSK Africa Open Lab Research Funding Grant Opportunity

The GlaxoSmithKline (GSK Plc) GSK Research Funding Opportunity is now open for applications from researchers who have ideas that could improve the scientific understanding of some tropical diseases like malaria, Tuberculoses, and other infectious diseases in Africa. GSK has observed that infectious diseases (IDs) such as malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and enteric diseases are among the… Read More »

NITDA 4th Industrial Revolution Technology Application: 4IRTA Grant – How to Apply

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Communications, Innovations and Digital Economy – FMCIDE, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security – FMAFS and it’s subsidiary, the Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency NITDA, has initiated a funding program for the use of AI technology in Agriculture called the 4th Industrial Revolution Technology Application… Read More »

Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Research Grant Scheme – NAIRS 2023/2024

The Federal Ministry of Communication, Innovation and Digital Economy – FMCIDE is partnering with the Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency – NITDA to offer an Artificial Intelligence Research grant to Innovators and Startups in Nigeria. Similar to the NITDA 3 Million Technical Talent Program the Nigeria Artificial Intelligence Research Scheme 2023 is an initiative aimed… Read More »

F5 STEM Education Grants for Women and Girls 2022

Apply for F5 Global Good 2022 F5 STEM Education Grants for Women and Girls of Color The F5 Global is accepting applications from interested individuals and Educational nonprofit organizations to apply for the 2022 F5 STEM Education Grants for Women and Girls. At F5, we believe that world-changing ideas should not be limited by an… Read More »